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Business Engagement

The business engagement task group has three areas that they are working on inclusive of the coordination and facilitation of business engagement opportunities for NPRN, bringing back business perspectives on poverty issues/solution to NPRN and promote/raise awareness around the Living Wage program to employers and promotion Living Wage certified employers through liaising with the Living Wage task group.


The Elections Task Group is working to encourage voters to make an informed decision during the 2018 provincial (June 7, 2018) and municipal (October 22, 2018) elections. This task group will promote the Network’s existing reports, position statements and papers on key issues including: income security and employment, access to affordable childcare, health equity and housing.

Health Equity

The Health Equity Task Group is currently looking at advancing the recommendations highlighted in a recent report Healthcare First: Improving access to healthcare for the homeless and vulnerably housed in Niagara released by the Health Equity through Advocacy, Research and Theatre (HEART) Project.


Safe, affordable, decent housing can be out of reach for individuals and families living on a low income. The Affordable Housing Group is working to identify the key issues in Niagara and advocate for improvements across the housing continuum.

Marketing & Anti- Stigma

The NPRN Marketing & Anti-Stigma Task Group aims to work on projects and initiatives that will reduce stigma across Niagara.  We are working on projects such as a Niagara-wide report and education campaign, social media campaign and engaging individuals with lived experience to make Niagara stigma free.

Speakers Bureau

The NPRN Speakers Bureau Tasks Group has recently recruited and trained new speakers.  The next step is to initiate a promotional campaign. The group will also be updating current presentation information to keep the presentations current and relevant to current issues in the region.

Wages and Work

The Wages and Work Task Group is responsible for releasing and updating the Cost of Living and Living Wage calculations and reports.  They engage with local employers, promote the Ontario Living Wage Employer certification program and recognize local employers who become certified.  The ask group is also the liaison to the Poverty and Precarious Employment in Niagara (PEPiN) research project.

Youth Strategy

The Youth Strategy Task Group, in partnership with educators, aims to raise awareness and improve communication of current systems that provide local supports and services to students and families at risk of poverty.

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