ServiceMaster Restore in St. Catharines is the latest Living Wage Employer - Interview on 610 CKTB


Restoration Company in St. Catharines Takes Living Wage Pledge - 610 CKTB


Media Release: ServiceMaster Restore is Niagara's Latest Certified Living Wage Employer

YourTV: Niagara's First Vote Event at Brock University


Recreational Cannabis Shop Becomes Niagara's Newest Certified Living Wage Employer, Niagara Herbalist - 610 CKTB


Media Release: The Niagara Herbalist is Niagara's Latest Certified Living Wage Employer

Another Business in St. Catharines has been Named as a Certified Living Wage Employer, Second Dance Bridal - 610 CKTB


Media Release: Second Dance Bridal is Niagara's Latest Certified Living Wage Employer

Media Release: Dun' For You Contracting is Niagara's Latest Certified Living Wage Employer


Media Release: Niagara Eye Care Centre is Niagara's Latest Certified Living Wage Employer


Open Mike with Mike Balsom, featuring Glen Walker and Sarah Pritula - Giant TV Niagara


Rhys Ottaway, Spirit Athletics, the latest living wage employer - 610 CKTB


Smithville RV company the latest to offer employees a 'living wage' - 610 CKTB

Media Release: Sicard RV is Niagara's Latest Certified Living Wage Employer


New restauraunt in Niagara offers staff a living wage - CHCH news

Media Release: Spirit Athletics is Niagara's Latest Certified Living Wage Employer

New St. Catharines Restaurant is the First in Ontario Offering a Certified Living Wage - 610 CKTB Newstalk

Media Release: Dispatch is Niagara's Latest Certified Living Wage Employer

Popular Bakery in St. Catharines Now Paying a Living Wage to Workers - 610 CKTB Newstalk

Media Release: Beechwood Doughnuts is Niagara’s Latest Certified Living Wage Employer

Changes Coming to the Process of Evicting Tenants - 610 CKTB Newstalk

Media Release: Affordable Housing Group Praises Local Area Municipalities


Recommendations for Municipal Affordable Housing Action Plan


Another Living Wage Employer in Niagara - 610 CKTB Newstalk


Media Release: John Howard Society is Niagara's Latest Living Wage Employer


Person Centered Care-Certified Niagara Living Wage Employer - 610 CKTB Newstalk


Media Release: Niagara's 10th Certified Living Wage Employer


Niagara Pallet + Recyclers Ltd. Living Wage - 610 CKTB Newstalk



Media Release: Niagara's 8th Certified Living Wage Employer

Niagara Homelessness a Major Concern for Agencies

Media Release:  Social Assistance Reform Announcement

Living Wage Niagara  St. Catharines Standard

Living Wage Niagara CHCH News

Media Release: Living Wage in Niagara 

Media Release:  Workplace Legislation Repeal Disappointing

Media Release:  Minimum Wage Increase Cancellation Disappointing

Niagara Living Wage Pledge - YourTV Niagara

Penfinancial Credit Union - Living Wage Employer

PenFinancial certified living wage employer

For PenFinancial, there’s nothing like a little TLC

Employment Precarity in Niagara - YourTV Niagara

The Niagara Workers’ Activist Group advocates for better working conditions

Equal Pay Laws Finally in Ontario- 610CKTB

New Minimum Wage: good or bad for the Falls?

The Business Benefit of Paying Higher Wages

Wage Hike May Be Behind Slashed Jobs: Chamber



Media Release:  How Niagara Can Give with Dignity this Christmas and Throughout the Year

Editorial: Living wage empowers employees

An Interview with Niagara's First Certified Living Wage Employer - Pre-Line Processing of Vineland Station

Living wage philosophy 'a good business decision'

Let's talk about Living Wage

List of 'living wage employers' grows

Living Wage Op Ed

Media Release:  Two new certified Living Wage employers in Niagara as we celebrate Living Wage Wage

Brock youth summit aims to break systemic barriers in schools

YourTV: NPRN at Niagara Networks 

Editorial:  Living wage can pay dividends

Paying living wage boosts morale, productivity, staff retention

$15 minimum won't meet living wage

Media Release:  Niagara's 2017 Living Wage Calculation

Media Release:  Niagara residents urge the federal government to follow through on promises for a Basic Income Guarantee

New minimum wage may help Niagara, says poverty network

New rentals a goal of housing plan

Canada Poverty Reduction Strategy Session

CogecoTV - Federal Poverty Reduction Strategy Public Consultation

Have your say on poverty reduction strategy

A Human rights approach to poverty reduction

Media Release: National Living Wage Week is a Time to Reflect on Wages, Work and the Cost of Living

Media Release: Chew on This! Events Call for a Rights-Based Approach to the Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy

Barron:  Small business should consider dental benefits

LaFleche:  Region gets it right on transit fare


The Impact of Food Insecurity in Niagara

Niagara Voices:  There are benefits to paying a living wage


Poverty advocates eye 'living wage'


'Living wage' far higher than Ontario's minimum wage


Niagara's living wage


Calculating the Living Wage for Niagara Region 2016 Brief


Media Release: Niagara Region's Living Wage Calculation


LaFleche:  Facing Niagara's economic realities


Calculating the Cost of Living in Niagara Region - Opinion Column


Calculating the Cost of Living in Niagara Region 2016 Brief


Should we test basic income in Niagara?


Public transit must be reliable, affordable


One Small Thing: A Symposium on Poverty in Niagara - Keynote Speech 


Investing in poverty may be wise


Submission to the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights for the review of Canada under the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights


Basic guaranteed income could be 'game-changer' in fight against poverty


Forum champions income guarantee plan


Region supports basic income guarantee


Brock workshops focus on social justice - Basic Income Guarantee


Media Release: New NPRN Leadership


Guaranteed income eyed by advocacy groups



Why Niagarans need a living wage - Welland Tribune


Editorial:  Feds step into poverty fight - Niagara This Week


Advocates hail Trudeau's call for federal poverty reduction plan - Niagara This Week


Child poverty in St. Catharines: nearly 1 in 4 - Welland Tribune


Niagara poverty experts want census back - Welland Tribune


Rally focuses on poverty - Welland Tribune


Putting the bite on poverty - Niagara This Week


A blitz to chew on hunger awareness - St. Catharines Standard


Media Release:  Niagara Region - Chew on This! Events Call for National Action Plan on Poverty and Hunger in Canada


Public Forum on Poverty - St. Catharines Standard


Poverty advocates struggle to be heard in election - St. Catharines Standard


Governments must refocus on affordable housing - Niagara Falls Review


Niagara needs regional transit - Niagara Falls Review


Federal leadership needed on poverty - Erie Media


NPRN Opinion Editorial - Ontario Needs Budget that's Fair for All


She's sinking into debt to climb out of poverty - Welland Tribune


Fighting Words on Poverty - St. Catharines Standard


Group wants to make poverty election issue - Welland Tribune


Media Coverage - OPINON: Time to end child poverty, finally - Fort Erie Times


NPRN Media Release - Child Poverty Continues to Be Our National Shame


NPRN Media Release - ChewOnThis! A Call to Action on Poverty and Hunger


NPRN Media Release - The Niagara Poverty Reduction Network asks municipal candidates their position on an integrated regional transit system. Over 90% of respondents are in favour.


NPRN's Elisabeth Zimmermann discussing Ontario's Poverty Reduction Strategy on TVO's The Agenda with Steve Paikin


Poverty should be an election issue - Niagara This Week


Press Release: Creating Shared Prosperity and Leading by Example: Roles Local Government Can Play to Contribute to Poverty Reduction - Opinion Editorial


NPRN Response to Ontario's Poverty Reduction Strategy - Some Positive Steps Forward Towards Reducing Poverty in Ontario, But Systemic Transformation Lacking


Press Release:  Vote for Poverty Free Ontario


NPRN Op Ed: February by-election 


Poverty is young girls' way of life​


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